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ai vs robot

Is AI a threat to Graphic Designers’ Jobs?

Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has left many wondering if their jobs will be taken over by machines. One industry that has been particularly concerned about this is graphic design. However, I believe that AI will not destroy graphic designers' jobs. Here are 7 reasons why:

1. AI lacks creativity:

While AI has advanced significantly in recent years, it still lacks the creativity and imagination that is needed in graphic design. AI can certainly generate designs, but it cannot replicate the unique ideas and perspectives that a human designer can bring to the table.

2. Design requires human input

Graphic design is not just about creating visually appealing designs; it's about communicating a message or brand. This requires human input and decision-making, which AI is not capable of providing. A human designer can understand the context of a design project and use their creative skills to develop a unique design solution that fits the client's needs.

3. AI is a tool, not a replacement

AI should be viewed as a tool to assist designers in their work, not as a replacement for designers. AI can help automate certain tasks, such as layout or color selection, freeing up more time for designers to focus on the more creative and strategic aspects of their work.

4. Design involves empathy

Good design is not just aesthetically pleasing, but it also takes into consideration the user's experience and emotions. Empathy is a key component of good design, and it's something that AI cannot replicate. A human designer can understand and empathize with the user's needs, leading to designs that are not only visually appealing but also effective.

5. AI needs human supervision

While AI can generate designs, it still requires human supervision to ensure the quality and appropriateness of the designs. Human designers are needed to guide and oversee the AI-generated designs, making adjustments as necessary to ensure that the final product meets the client's needs.

6. Creativity is always evolving

Creativity is not a static skill; it's constantly evolving and adapting to new trends and technologies. As AI continues to advance, it will become a new tool in the designer's toolbox, allowing them to explore new creative possibilities.

7. Human touch is valued

Finally, clients often value the human touch in design. They want to work with a designer who can understand their needs and create a unique solution that reflects their brand and personality. While AI can generate designs quickly, it lacks the personal touch that human designers can bring to a project.


AI is not a threat to graphic designers' jobs. Instead, it should be viewed as a tool to enhance and streamline the design process. While AI can generate designs, it cannot replace the unique creativity, empathy, and decision-making skills that human designers bring to the table. The future of graphic design is not AI replacing designers, but rather designers leveraging AI to create even better designs. Download Templates Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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Abbey Road Beatles

Marketing Magic: How Album Cover Art Helps Promote Music

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Marketing Magic: How Album Cover Art Helps Promote Music

When it comes to music, the album cover art is just as important as the songs themselves. From establishing an artist's unique brand and identity to serving as a tool for self-expression, album cover art plays a crucial role in the music industry. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of album cover art for artists and provide examples of how it's been used effectively.

1. Establishing a Unique Brand and Identity The first benefit of album cover art is that it creates a visual representation of the artist and their music. This can help to establish the artist's unique brand and identity, making them more easily recognizable to fans and potential new listeners. For example, the iconic cover art of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" features a prism refracting light into a rainbow, which is now synonymous with the band and the album.

2. Serving as a Form of Self-Expression

Pimp a Butterfly Album cover art can also serve as a form of self-expression for the artist. It can be used to convey a specific message or theme that relates to the music or lyrics, or to reflect the artist's personal beliefs and values. For example, the cover art of Kendrick Lamar's "To Pimp a Butterfly" features a photograph of the artist and a group of young African-American men sitting on the front steps of a housing project, with the American flag draped over their shoulders. This image is a powerful statement on the issues of race and poverty in America.

3. Marketing and Promoting the Album

Taylor_Swift Another benefit of album cover art is that it can be used to market and promote the album. The cover art can be used on posters, billboards, and other promotional materials to generate interest in the album and attract new listeners. For example, the cover art of Taylor Swift's "Reputation" features a photograph of the artist standing in front of a wall of newspaper headlines, which is a clever visual representation of the album's themes of fame and media scrutiny.

4. Increasing the Perceived Value of the Album

Fleetwood Mac's Album cover art can also be used to increase the perceived value of the album. A well-designed cover can make the album look more professional and polished, which can help to justify a higher price point and increase sales. For example, the cover art of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" features a photograph of the band members standing in front of a blurred, out-of-focus background, which gives the album a sense of high-end, glossy sophistication.

5. Creating a Sense of Nostalgia

Album cover art can also be used to create a sense of nostalgia or nostalgia. It can be used to evoke memories of a specific time or place, or to remind listeners of an artist's past work. For example, the cover art of The Beatles' "Abbey Road" features a photograph of the band walking across a zebra crossing outside of their recording studio, which has become one of the most iconic and recognizable images in music history.

6. Serving as a Tool for Social Commentary

Public Enemy's Album cover art can also be used as a tool for social commentary. It can be used to address political, social, or cultural issues, and to spark conversations about important topics. For example, the cover art of Public Enemy's "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back" features a photograph of the Statue of Liberty holding a gun, which is a powerful statement on the issues of violence and oppression in America.

7. Showcasing Creativity and Originality

Björk's Album cover art can be used to showcase an artist's creativity and originality. It can be used to set an artist apart from the competition and make them stand out in a crowded market. For example, the cover art of Björk's "Homogenic" features a photograph of the artist with a mechanical device attached to her face, which is a striking and unique image that is instantly recognizable as Björk.

8. Building Anticipation for Upcoming Releases

Beyoncé's Album cover art can also be used to build anticipation for an upcoming album release. Fans often pay attention to the artwork, which can be used to tease the album's release. For example, Beyoncé's "Lemonade" album cover art featured a photograph of the artist wearing a yellow dress while holding a baseball bat, which generated a lot of buzz and curiosity among fans.

9. Serving as a Collector's Item

David Bowie's Album cover art can serve as a collector's item for fans. Fans may purchase the album physically as it serves as a memorabilia of the artist's work and the time it was created. For example, a vinyl record of David Bowie's "Heroes" with its iconic cover art of the artist with a backlight, can be found in many collectors' inventory.

10. The Art of Music

In conclusion, album cover art plays a crucial role in the music industry. It serves as a visual representation of the artist and their music, creating a unique brand and identity, self-expression, marketing, increasing perceived value, evoking nostalgia, social commentary and being a collector's item for fans. It is evident that album cover art benefits the artist in many ways, making it an essential element of music production. Download Templates Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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AI Generated - Astronaut on Horse

What Is AI Art, and How Does It Work?

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What Is AI Art, and How Does It Work? Should Artists and Designers Be Worried?

(Keywords: AI Art, AI art generator, dall-e, how does AI make art, AI art vs. human art, AI artists)

AI Generated - Astronaut on Horse

Image of a man riding a horse. Image Source: Dall-E 2

“People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they’re too stupid and they’ve already taken over the world.” – Pedro Domingos


AI Innovation in Art Industry

  Artificial Intelligence is fueling the top emerging technologies today. AI has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives. From driving to shopping, manufacturing to gaming, major practices have changed. Recent AI advancements have also impacted the art world, broadened horizons, and introduced new boundaries. Humans have expressed their ideas, emotions, and stories through paintings and scriptures for centuries. However, the latest trends are pushing artists toward tech-inspired solutions. Artists can experience a whole new world of opportunities to create visual masterpieces while breaking traditional barriers. AI technology can produce more in less time without compromising quality. AI is capable of analyzing information way faster and better than humans, taking minutes to complete a piece that takes hours or days by human artists. Moreover, AI can significantly help perform repetitive tasks like similar pattern creation. In this article, we will explore what AI art is, cover how it works, and discuss the AI tools that can help generate high-quality images.


What You Must Know About AI?

  Since its inception, Artificial Intelligence has only been growing, gradually taking over the world. Chatbots in e-commerce, surgical robots in healthcare, robot waiters in restaurants, and self-driving cars on roads are just a few AI applications out of many. By 2030, AI is expected to contribute over $1.5 trillion to the global economy. Observing the current trends, nearly every sector is digging for ways to adopt AI-driven technologies. AI solutions for day-to-day activities or business-related tasks can enhance performance and improve outcomes. Let's uncover the benefits offered by AI solutions below.
  • Reduced error probability
  • Boosted productivity
  • Accelerated delivery time
  • Automated task repetition
Digital image of a soup bowl generated by width=
Digital image of a soup bowl generated Image Source: Dall-E 2


What is AI Art and how is it influencing the creativity of artists?

AI art is any artistic piece created with the help of AI tools and techniques. AI art comes through algorithms that acquire information from the input data. Artists generate AI-powered artwork using algorithms that train machines to analyze hundreds and thousands of images. AI Generated Portraits Image Source: Robbie Barrat’s art-DCGAN

History of AI Art

AI art came into existence in the early days of computer invention with the introduction of computer graphics. Back in the 1950s, computer graphics could produce basic patterns and shapes. Early AI-generated art, like plain patterns, was rendered on screen by implementing and running simple algorithms. In 1967, Frieder Nake, a mathematician, and scientist used random number generation to create square matrix images. From 1970-1980, AI-generated art was used in computer-aided design (CAD). During this period, a set of algorithms named AARON was developed to create freehand abstract drawings and paint certain objects. AARON grew stronger and allowed producing complex art figures of humans, plants, and other creatures in the 1990s. Artists began incorporating AI algorithms in fields beyond visual applications, such as music and poetry. Even the area of robotics took over AI art generation, where robots made paintings and scriptures. Read the complete history of graphics here.
Untitled (1967), by Frieder Nake. Image Source: matrix multiplications
Painting of a human, generated by AARON. Image Source: Creative AI: The robots that would be painters

First AI-generated Portrait Auctioned at Paris

  AI art gained tremendous popularity after the invention of generative adversarial networks (GANs). Later in 2018, the first AI portrait of a fictional french character (Edmond Belamy), generated by the GAN algorithm, was sold for $432,500 at Christie's. The painting produced by The Obvious, trained on old tweaked images, is more like a connection of dots that lacks feature perfection. Consequently, artists raised different opinions regarding this AI masterpiece worldwide.
Portrait of Edmond de Belamy. Image Source:Is artificial intelligence set to become art’s next medium?

AI Art Generation Techniques 

  AI can be used in several ways to generate art. AI algorithms can produce images based on set parameters or create new pictures altogether by altering and integrating existing image features. One way AI trains computer systems (machine-based models) is by machine learning to mimic human behavior and produce desired results. For this purpose, the machine is exposed to multiple input text, images, or video files. The machine learns patterns, picks the characteristics, and observes the details to predict output features. Neural networks are employed for AI art creation, mimicking the style of a particular artist. Neural networks help generate images and videos that resemble a specific category. Furthermore, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) composed of two neural networks are trending for producing new art using an existing image style. The Neural Style Transfer (NST) idea is used behind transferring or replicating the style of existing artwork to another one with the help of Deep Neural Networks. GAN can create human faces, cartoon/anime characters, and sketches.
Sketches generated with SKEGAN model. Image Source: TEACHING GANS TO SKETCH IN VECTOR FORMAT

Abstract Landscapes produced by AI. Image Source:Robbie Barrat’s art-DCGAN

OpenAI and Evolution of AI Artwork

In early 2021, OpenAI released Dall-e, a version of GPT-3 that produces original images and realistic artwork by processing text. Dall-e uses neural networks and image GPT that generate images from text (using a dataset of text-image pairs). Users or artists provide captions as input. The neural network (algorithm) learns the patterns and captions, matches them with appropriate images on the web with captions, and then predicts the patterns that resemble the most. The more enhanced version, Dall-e 2, was released in 2022. Inpainting and outpainting are the two most advanced features of this AI tool. Users can edit these images and create different variations. For a detailed guide on this trending AI tool, check out the research.
Image generated with Dall-e 2. Image Source: Dall-e 2
Image generated with Dall-e 2. Image Source: Dall-e 2

AI Art vs. Human Art—Can AI Replace Human Art?

  Ever since adoption, AI algorithms are showing remarkable results in the art world. On the other hand, the growth of AI applications is raising the concerns of artists due to legitimate reasons. Controversy over technological art replacements has been prevalent in the past. History reports events where painters recoiled at the invention of the camera, considering it human-art degradation. Recently, the sale of Edmond de Belamy alarmed both the art and artificial intelligence individuals who believed recreating images by training computers was not a genuine sign of creativity. The latest Annual Art Competition held in Colorado was open for painting, quilting, and sculpture made artists upset after AI-generated painting won the first prize in the digital category. The participant, Jason Allen, used the AI tool Midjourney that converts text into realistic graphics to create his award-winning Théâtre D’opéra Spatial. This event sparked a backlash from other artists who also accused Mr. Allen of cheating.
Jason Allen’s Théâtre D’opéra Spatial, an AI-generated work. Image Source: Tweaktown
Distinguishing Features of Artwork Some of the properties that differentiate AI artwork from human artistry are the following:
  • Rationality: AI tools are programmed to evolve and think out of the box constantly. They can generate previously unseen samples that are impossible for humans to plan and design.
  • Aesthetics: AI claims to create realistic images, but it lacks the emotional expression of ideas that is the core expertise of human artists. Not all viewers find AI art aesthetically pleasing.
  • Authority: AI models give no control to users while processing images according to set weights. Manually altering or fine-tuning pictures is not possible during the creation.
  • Ethics: Since AI tools don’t allow human intervention, the generated content can be against a group's social, cultural, or religious beliefs. It can also raise concerns about the final product's misuse, distribution, or copyrights.

10 AI Art Generating Tools 


How Will AI Art Shape the Future of Art Industry? 

  Artificial Intelligence offers robust, promising solutions that can completely change the art industry. To counter the common perception, AI-inspired tools are no threat to humans. Rather, integrating such future technologies with human efforts will only lead to better opportunities and seamless experiences for artists. AI-generated content might take time to gain recognition, but eventually, the world will acknowledge the power of the next-gen paintbrushes and irreversible AI trends. Therefore, understanding the true potential of AI and exploring ways of transforming the creative process is the need of the hour.     Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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BTS Boutique Album Cover Art

Design a BTS Album Cover In Photoshop

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Design a BTS Album Cover  In Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to design a cover similar to the insanely popular K-Pop band BTS.

Let’s break this tutorial down:  Step 1. Setting up Photoshop Step 2. Getting the Photo Step 3. Isolate the Flowers with a Layer Mask Step 4. Add a Custom Background Step 5. Add the Shapes Step 6. Create the Overlapping Portions with the Flowers Layer Step 7. Add a Shadow to the Overlapping Elements Step 8. Adding Text  

Step 1. Setting up Photoshop

Create a Photoshop Document with a size of 3000px x 3000px (square) and a Resolution of 150 Dpi.   

Step 2. Getting the Photo

Flower: Place your image on top of the Background layer – we renamed this layer “Flowers”. It should look like this.

Step 3. Isolate the Flowers with a Layer Mask

Isolate the flowers so we can apply our custom background. Choose the tool and/or method for selecting that suits you better. Then, click the Select and Mask button on the top menu to isolate your selection. Clicking on Select and Mask will open the Properties panel. Make sure you set the Output To dropdown to Layer Mask before clicking OK.

Step 4. Add a Custom Background

You can either bring in an image or a Color or Gradient Fill layer as the background. Place it under the Flowers layer then resize it if needed.

Step 5. Add the Shapes

Now, we are going to add the shapes using the rectangle tool to combine with the flowers. Use Ctrl+T to select the shape > Right Click > Select Perspective to distort the shapes using the anchor points. Group the Shape Layers together by selecting them and clicking on the small folder icon at the bottom of the Layers panel or by using Command/Ctrl+G. We’ll name the group as “Shapes”. Lower the Opacity of the group to about 90%-70%. This will help us have a better view when painting the floral parts on top of the shapes.

Step 6. Create the overlapping Portion with the flowers layer

We want to create an illusion that the shapes are interwoven with the flowers. Let’s duplicate the flower layer by pressing Command/Ctrl+J and place it at the very top of our Layers panel. We want to work on the new flower layer and more specifically on the layer mask. Start by setting the Brush Tool (B) followed by Right-Click to a size of 30 px and Hardness of 100%. You can interchange between black and white colors to hide or reveal parts of the image. Pressing X will interchange between these two colors, making it easier to work on the details. Zoom in and out (Command/Ctrl + or -) to better see which areas of the you want to erase. Then take your time and paint over these parts as precisely as possible. You can crop out portions of the image to fill up the spaces. Keep going until you are satisfied with the overall look. Group the layers and name it Flowers.

Step 7. Add a Shadow to the Overlapping Elements

To make the overlapping elements more realistic, we will add a Drop Shadow layer style. Select the Flower layer on the Layers panel. Click on Effects > Drop Shadow. A Layer Style window will pop up, and you will notice that, the image will have a shadow. We want a softer look, so let’s change to the values in the image below and click OK.  

Step 7. Adding Text

Use the Horizontal Type Tool from the Toolbar to add text. BTS Boutique Album Cover Art   We hope you liked this tutorial. You can Purchase the finished cover here - Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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Currency Album Art

8 Futuristic Album Cover Art Templates for Your Next Album

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8 Futuristic Album Cover Art Templates for Your Next Album, Song or Music Production

These covers are perfect for your next Album Cover or Single. Download them today!


Currency Album Cover Art

Currency Album Art

Download Here - Entry Album Cover Template Entry Album Cover Art Download Here -    Tech City Album Art Tech City Album Cover Art

Download Here -

  Far From Home Album Cover

Download Here -


Futurist Music Cover Art

Download Here - Introspekt Album Cover Art

Introspekt Album Cover Art

Download Here -

Unknown Premade Album Cover Template  Unknown Album cover template

Download Here -

Future Tech Premade Album Cover Template Future Tech Album Cover Template

Download Here -

We hope you liked these cover templates. You can check out our Shop for more. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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Blowing Album Cover Art

How to Design Great Album Covers

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How to Design Great Album Covers

Awaken Album Cover Art While music is an abstract form, album cover design can reflect the personality of a band. Ideally, the cover should have a single image and include the band's name and album title. The back cover should have a track list, and a smaller version of the album artwork will be used on the inner jacket. In addition, the design should be visually appealing and convey a certain message about the music. Listed below are a few tips for creating a good album cover. A Great Album Cover Design is eye-catching and should portray the artist's vision. It should give the audience a hint of what they can expect to hear on the album. Even if the artist may not care about the album cover, the audience will, and this is the first impression that they'll get from an artist. It's important to remember that people get their information through the internet and digital sources, and they don't want to feel suckered by blatant marketing. A well-designed album cover will convey the mood of the music and reinforce the experience of the listener. A good design should be responsive to multiple platforms and consider the possible places it will be displayed. If the cover can't be downloaded and viewed, it's time to rethink the design. A simple black-and-white photograph can communicate more about the artist than a splash of colors. It's important to ask friends and mates about the album cover design and get their opinions. When Creating An Album Cover, artists must remember that branding involves creating a visual identity for a brand. An album cover should follow the same process. Before creating the cover, the musician should have a clear idea about who they are trying to reach, what type of reaction they hope for, and how they're inspired by. Answering these questions will help you create an identity for your music. This will help you design an iconic and memorable album cover. The name of the band and the album should be easily visible. It should also be readable from all sides. The band and album name should be written in a prominent position on the cover. Aside from a band's name, the designer must also have a clear idea of the band and the song. It should also be simple and memorable. A great cover design is essential to establish a strong online presence. It's a great way to promote the music of your band. In addition to a strong image, album cover design should incorporate a number of complementary colours. Different colours create different moods. For example, bright colours complement happy music, while dark colors are appropriate for darker music. Using a colour scheme is a good way to ensure your album cover design is effective. A successful cover should complement the music that it portrays. For this, the color combination should complement the style of the band and the artist. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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How to Design Your Own YouTube Thumbnail

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How to Design Your Own YouTube Thumbnail

YouTube thumbnails are essentially just a small image file, but there are several important things you should know when creating one. For starters, you must know that thumbnails should be easy to read and understand. Additionally, they should complement the video they are promoting. You can download a guide to make your own YouTube thumbnails, and the first step is to download it. After you have downloaded the guide, you should check your inbox and download area for the free template.

Firstly, you should know that a good YouTube thumbnail is approximately two megabytes in size. That's a huge amount of data for a small image. Using this knowledge, you should design a video thumbnail that is only one or two MB in size. In addition, you should also consider the length of the video. You can even upload multiple videos on the same channel so that you can have them all be smaller.

Secondly, you should know that a good YouTube thumbnail is only about 2MB in size. This is because it should be the exact same size as the video itself. Therefore, a video that is 2MB in length and one hundred thousand bytes in width will be smaller than a video with a five megabyte thumbnail. If the thumbnail is smaller than this, then it will be difficult to be seen by viewers. And finally, the thumbnail must be formatted according to YouTube specifications.

Lastly, the size of the YouTube thumbnail should be kept in mind. If the thumbnail has more than six words, then it will be too large. This is why you should limit the number of words to three or four. If you want to include more than six words, make sure you choose JPG or PNG files. This way, you will not be wasting your time trying to optimize the size of your video. You should also keep in mind that a larger thumbnail means higher quality video.

As for the size, you should choose an image that is 640 pixels wide by 160 pixels. Although smaller images aren't rejected, they may be blurry to some users. To make your video stand out, use a photo that relates to the content of your video. A photo with more colors and shades will look more appealing than a single color. The most appealing thumbnails will be those with multiple colors. There is a big difference between a good video and a bad video.

Besides colors, you can also use text for the YouTube thumbnail. Remember to use relevant text that describes your video. If you're using a video title, make sure it doesn't crowd the thumbnail. This way, your title will appear more prominent. The text background should be unobstructed, and should not hide the thumbnail. It's best to use only those that will make your video stand out. A well-written YouTube thumbnail is likely to draw in viewers.

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How to Create Your Own Album Cover Art

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How to Create Your Own Album Cover Art

The first step to creating your own album cover art is to learn about Photoshop. It's an industry standard for designing and photo editing. This program is incredibly easy to use once you know what tools to use and where to look for them. It also provides general Photoshop walkthroughs, so that you can start creating your own cover art quickly. 

Google and YouTube are also great resources for design tutorials. There are countless free Photoshop tips and tricks online.

The next step is to create an image for your album cover. While you may be tempted to use your own photos, you should also consider a few things you should keep in mind. First, you should choose the format for the cover itself. The most popular format for album covers is JPG. This is the best option for websites that don't want to take up a lot of space. It also allows you to choose which elements of your cover are most important to you.

While creating your album cover art, try to make sure you use the appropriate type of font. While it's perfectly fine to use a display font for the album title and band name, it's best to stick to a more legible one for the release title. Another important element of album cover art is the imagery. Photographs are common for musicians' albums. Whatever the subject is, the imagery should be appropriate for the album.

In addition to fonts, your album cover design should be professional and expressive. While the cover art of your album will be a representation of your career, you should not compromise on quality for the sake of a budget. You should also consider the band's sound and aesthetics. Creating an album cover that matches your music style is the first step to a successful recording career. It is vital to create a design that is both unique and professional-looking.

A well-designed album cover should be creative and functional. Think about your identity and your music and take notes. You can use these notes to create the best album cover for your project. You can also use a band photo on the front of your album cover. The front of your album design should be attractive and functional. There are many ways to do this, but remember that your album cover should be both creative and professional. Using a high-quality font will be a great investment for your future.

A well-designed album cover can be used to market the artist's work. Depending on the music genre, the artists' name and the release title should be prominently displayed. A quality album cover will be easy to navigate and be highly appealing to the viewer. If you are unsure about the proper format of the image, it is better to consult an art director or a designer. The artist's name will be displayed prominently.

A well-designed album cover should be made of high-quality materials. A simple photo of a band is a great way to start. However, if the artist is famous for his or her music, a good album cover should reflect this. A great album cover should be easy to read and easy to find. A high-quality cover will stand out in the crowd. The artist's name and the album title should be prominently displayed.

Creating your album cover is not a difficult task if you are a creative person. A well-designed album cover can be fun and creative. It's important to incorporate the essential elements of an album. When creating an album cover, it's important to include these components in the design. The best album covers are aesthetically pleasing and reflect the artist's style and music. You can create the perfect cover for your music by following these tips.

The album cover is a powerful way to showcase the artist's art and individuality. It is an opportunity for the artist to display their artistic side. If your style is different from that of the average artist, a good album cover can be a showcase for your talent. The right cover will make the album stand out in the crowd and help the artist to gain more exposure. It is the best way to promote a new album.


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Spotify Year Wrapped Template Tutorial

Design a Spotify Year Wrapped 2021 Template in Photoshop

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Easily design a Spotify Year Wrapped 2021 Template in Adobe Photoshop for Beginners

Designing a Spotify Year Wrapped Template is extremely easy in Photoshop. We will show you how to design one in a few easy steps.

1. Open Photoshop & Create a New Document of 1080x1080 at 150 DPI

Our Spotify Template will be "square" and because this template is meant for "Online Viewing" only, we will select either 72 dpi or 150 dpi.


2. Make a Solid Color Adjustment layer

This will allow you to change the background easily and conveniently. I've used the color #a6be90 for this example.

3. Draw a Rectangle across to canvas

Go to the toolbar - Rectangle Tool and drag from left to right across the canvas like the image above and fill with a color of your choice. I've used #3d3651 for this example.

4. Add the "2021 text"

I've used the MADE OUTER SANS font for the text. Download the font from here -

Using a font size of 154 pt, I will write 2021 and place it in the center of the canvas like the image below.

5. Adding the Logo & Body Text Search for "Spotify for Artists" logo on google and paste it in to your design on the left hand side of the canvas. Try searching for a .png version. If you can't find a .png then grab a black and white version of the logo and change the blending mode in photoshop to either Multiply (if white) and Screen (if black). Next, create the #spotifywrapped text and place it on the right hand side of the canvas. You should end up with something like this...   Complete the rest of the body text this time using the "Poppins Bold" font. Your design should look like this. This is extremely easy to do and I wouldn't want to waste your time by telling you how to add text in photoshop. Your design should look like this now.  

6. Adding the Photo

Adding your photo is simple too. Create a blank "square", it doesn't matter what color the square shape is.   Go ahead and grab your photo and place it on the canvas and resize it to a size that's a little larger than the square. Because we will be using our square as the "Mask" or "Container", it doesn't matter if our photo landscape or portrait. Make sure your photo sits above the square in the layers panel. Right click on your "photo" layer and select "create clipping mask" Your Photo should now take the shape of the square.   You can now experiment with different background colors if you wish. Your options are unlimited.

Wrapping It All Up!

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7 Music Artists Who Designed Their Own Album Cover Art

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7 Artists Who Designed Their Own Album Cover Art

Music is a huge industry and depends on the efforts of multiple people. There are multiple categories in creating the music only like singer, musician, guitarist, and many more. Similarly, there is a creative design that is responsible for creating covers of the albums. It is important to make creative covers because it is the only way to promote the song. You can explain the aim of creating a song from the cover. Therefore the album cover must be designed well. For this purpose, a whole team is dedicated to designing the cover. But we have some amazing artists in the industry that are multitalented. In this article, we have discussed some artists who designed their album cover art. So let's start the discussion.

Which Artists Designed Their Own Album Cover Art?

Following are the famous 7 artists that are not only famous for their music and singing skills. But also for the creative artwork. So review their work and analyze which artist you like more.

1. Mariah Carey

Source: Download: Mariah Carey is an American singer and songwriter. She also acted in some shows and produce multiple records. Mariah is famous for her octave vocal range. She is also referred to as the Queen of Christmas and Songbird Supreme. Mariah got fame in 1990 with her popular debut album Emotions. Last year, Mariah made some serious headlines when she revealed that she has made a secret album under the banner of Chick in 1995. This surprise by Mariah did not end here. She also tells the media during the promotion of her bookThe meaning of Mariah Carey that she has designed the cover of the album called Someone's Ugly Daughter. This album is made under the banner of Chick. The sad part is that the video of the album is unavailable on Youtube and to listen to the masterpiece you have to buy it. Besides that, the following are some best songs by Mariah Carey that you should listen to.

2. Ryan Mendez - Yellow Card

Source: Download: The second great artist on this list is Ryan Mendez. He is a famous musician and a part of the music band named Yellowcard. It is a music band formed in 1997 in Florida. This band is most famous for its songs like All these songs are considered masterpieces of the band. Therefore, the main purpose of the band is to target creativity from all angles. Ryan Mendez is a guitarist in the band. But with the guitarist, he is famous for his artwork too. He designed almost all the albums covers for the Yellowcard band. All the covers are loved by the fans and they expect something unique every time from the musician. Following albums covers, are examples of the Ryan Mendez artwork. Have a look.

3. David Bowie - Outside

Source: Download: David Bowie was a famous English Songwriter and singer. He also acted for some time. He was popular for his work and he is regarded as one of the influential musicians of the 20th century. David has recorded almost 50+ albums and all are very popular. Following are some hits by the David Bowie In addition to the music, David Bowie was also famous for his artwork. He was not responsible for all the covers of his albums. But he directed all the music albums himself. However, the visual credits were quite extensive. There are some projects that David bowie did himself including the cover. His best art was for the album Outside which was released in 1995. The cover contains an acrylic self-portrait that impresses many followers.

4. Hannah Hooper - Little Mess

Source: Download: Hannah hooper is a famous American artist and musician. Her music work is related to a variety of following topics
  • Tragic Pop Culture Figures
  • Strange Figures Distorted Through Bodies of Water
  • Claustrophobic Beach/Crowd Scenes
But besides music, she is famous for her artwork. She has made multiple attractive paintings. There is a separate website called Hannah Hooper artwork. Here you can see all her best artworks and can buy one of them if you are interested. Here we will review some of the famous artworks done by Hannah Hooper. So have a look. There are almost 29 artworks made by Hannah Hooper you can check all of them on the official website. Like artwork, she has a huge collection of music albums. She is a part of a band called Grouplove. She has made multiple songs with the band and made some songs individually. In the band, she has the responsibility to draw the covers of the album. We have looked at all the artworks by Hannah Hopper. But we like her artwork for the album called Little Mess. The cover follows the concept of the album and you should check this amazing work.

5. Sherri DuPree-Bernis - Currents

Source: Download: Sherri DuPree is a famous singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist. She is the best in Texas. Sherri is associated with the music band called Eisley. This is a famous music band and is famous for generating multiple famous albums. In the band, Sheeri works as the Vocalist and the Songwriter. In addition to the band, she has given her vocals to other albums. But she is also famous for her artwork. She is the visual artist of her band. The fact that with singing she has great artistic skills is not surprising. The reason is that her father Boyd DuPree works as a Graphic Designer. He also made some album covers for her daughter to promote her work. In addition, some reports said that Boyd DuPree also manages her daughter. This father-daughter duo collaborated for the Music Album Currents and create an artistic cover. In addition to the Currents, the following are some hits by Sherri DuPree that you should listen to. By listening to these songs you will see how perfect she is in her work. In addition, you will become her fan. So save some time from the busy routine and listen to them.

6. John Gourley - In the Mountain In the Cloud

Source: Download: John Gourley is a popular American singer, musician, and songwriter. In Portland, he is the rhythm guitarist and the lead singer. He has given many hits to the music industry. But people mostly like his song called Feel It Still. Following are some best songs that are made by John Gourley so have a look By listening to these songs you can see how talented this singer is. But john Gourley's creativity is not limited to this. Indeed he is the famous voice of Portugal. The Man. But he has done some recognizable artworks. He received love from the people for creating the iconic album art. To design the cover he collaborated with the famous artist Austin that is also famous for the artwork. He runs the website called The Fantastic The. Here you can see all the creativity that this man has. Moreover, this due collaborated in 2011 to design the cover album called In the Mountain In The Cloud.


Source: Download: Kim is a famous American singer, musician, and songwriter. She works for a band called Sonic Youth. Here she is famous as a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist. She left Sonic Youth in 2011 and joined Free Kitten as a body head. Following are some of her hit songs. In addition to the multiple song hits, Kim Gordon is famous for her artistic work. She has collaborated with Thurston Moore to create some incredible displays. But she has painted the cover for the album calledYOKOKINTHURSTON herself. This cover is spray painted and loved by all the listeners. So listen to the album yourself and see whether you like the artwork or not.

Wrapping It All Up!

Art is a creative field as you have to think from all the different angles of the topic to design something. It needs time and a lot of focus. Therefore it is a complete profession where artists can dedicate their time to designing only. It is difficult for the singer to take out time from their busy schedule and make something creative. That's why we do not expect artists to create their album covers. But still, we have some creative artists in the industry that have proven us wrong. The artists that we have mentioned in this article are famous for their singing and artistic skills. This is because they have made some important construction in the art field in addition to the music field. You can easily review their artwork as it is easily available online. When you see their creative covers do not forget to listen to the album because they have worked hard for both. So appreciate the hard workers as much as you can. This will give them the motivation to work even harder and contribute the best products to the industry. Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn

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