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    Frequently Asked Questions

    General is one of the leading websites that sells Premade Album Cover Artwork. Whether you are a DJ, Producer, Musician, Singer or a Record Label, provides you with over 1,300 cover art editable templates which are ready to use.

    The default license for every template allows you to use the templates “commercially” or in any way you so choose. You can’t resell the template or Share the Template with Anyone. If you are looking for “exclusive templates” aka “1-of-1 Templates”  please click here. Exclusive 1o f 1 templates are only sold & downloaded once. We understand if you have any issues with how the licenses work. Please send us an email at 

    We have Exclusive & Non-Exclusive Covers on the website. If you purchase an Exclusive Cover, then, YES! It’s yours and we remove the option for customers to purchase the cover. 

    Our Non-Exclusive Covers can be purchased multiple times. We provide all customers with “Fully Layered” Photoshop Files which allow them to make the cover their own. 

    We have customisation options which allow the customer to further “customise” an Exclusive or Non-Exclusive Cover via our Add-Ons feature on the cover page. 

    We provide a fully layered photoshop psd file with every cover download that gives you the ability to edit the cover as you like.  

    All templates on Premade Pixels are designed using Adobe Photoshop. Download a Free Trial of  Adobe Photoshop:

    All templates can also be opened and used with Affinity Designer or PhotoPea

    We also offer Add-Ons which allow you to get your cover art edited by our designers for a small fee. 

    We offer Monthly & Yearly Memberships. You get access to our entire catalog of cover art. Monthly Memberships allow you to get 60 covers a month and our Yearly Membership allows you to download a whopping 365 cover art templates. 

    You can get more info here. 

    Pricing, Payment & Refunds

    Non-Exclusive covers cost anywhere from free to $40.
    Exclusive 1-of-1 covers are $80.

    There are additional charges if you choose our add-ons.

    If you get a Monthly or Yearly Membership, all non-exclusive covers are FREE.

    We currently only use PayPal and are looking to add more payment gateways in the near future.

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds on digital goods (templates). Once you download a template, it’s yours. This is because while digital products can be downloaded they cannot be returned like a physical product, and the same goes for any digital services offered. You can ready our refund policy here.