Create a Fortnite Style Youtube Thumbnail in Photoshop

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Youtube Gaming Thumbnail

Create a Fortnite Style Youtube Video Thumbnail in Photoshop 

In this tutorial, together we will create a Youtube Video Thumbnail, Fortnite Style. 

Let’s Break down this tutorial before we begin

1. Setting up the Photoshop Document

2. Adding, Resizing, & Adding Tonal Adjustments to the Background Image

3. Creating the Text in True Fortnite Style

4. Adding a Youtube Subscribe Icon

5. Color Grading

This is the finished design we will achieve through this tutorial.

Youtube Gaming Thumbnail

Let’s dive right in.

Step 1. Setting up the Photoshop Document

For the document size, I am using the official youtube recommended 1280×720 px with a Resolution of 72 DPI. I know for certain that you or I would not be printing this thumbnail, that’s why we will stick with 72 DPI. 

Step 2. Adding the Background Image

For obvious reasons I decided to use a “gaming” background 🙂 which I downloaded from 

Download Image Here


Grab the image and bring it into your photoshop document and resize as needed. 
This is what it should look like. 

Next we will add a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment layer and add a brightness of 94 as shown below.


Now we’ll add a “Gradient Map” adjustment layer and add a layer mask to it. We will come to that but first use the settings as I’ve done in the image below. 

The Pink Color I’ve used is #ff00ea

This is what the background should look like after applying the gradient map. 


You should see a “Layer Mask” everytime you add an adjustment layer. We will use that layer mask to partially reveal a the effect of the brightness & contrast adjustment layer below. To do that you need to Press G on the Keyboard to bring up the Gradient Tool. 

With the Gradient Tool selected, make sure your foreground and background colors are set to black and white, Press D on the keyboard to make sure and make sure the Opacity is set to 50%. You can just press 5 on the keyboard and your opacity will change to 50%. Neat little trick, huh? 

While holding down the SHIFT key, move from the LEFT TO the RIGHT of the canvas/image.  (shift key makes sure you do so in a straight line).

The right hand side of the image should be a little brighter now. 

To recap, we should have 3 layers by now. 


Step 3. Creating the Text in True Fortnite Style

It is the Text and font that really gives the Youtube Thumbnail Design the “Fortnite” look. 

We will use the Burbank Big Condensed Black font for this Youtube Thumbnail Template. 

Download the Font from Here

Add the text you need on 3 separate layers so you can rotate them and apply the effects individually. 

I googled “Vector Target” and added that image to the design to give it that “gaming look” and placed the number 01 inside it. 

Place all the text layers and our Vector Target image inside a group. Press CTRL or COMMAND and Click on each of the text layers and the Vector Target now press CTRL or COMMAND G to group all those layers together. 

Right Click on the “Text” group and select Blending Options. 

We will add a “stroke” to the layer group. 
Size of 12px with a Black Color

Your Text should look like this. 

The fun begins now! 

We will add those tasty effects to each individual layer of text. 

Right Click on a text layer and let’s add some effects. Looks at the image below and enter in those values. 

Inner Shadow – 

Blend Mode – Overlay – Color – White
Distance – 5, Choke – 0,  Size – 4 

Gradient Overlay – 

Select the Gradient color strip and enter in the first color value #9a12de and #ff0deb as the second color value

Click on OK and now this is what your Text should look like

We want the “Twitch” text to be in WHITE with a gradient overlay effect applied to it. Having this text in white gives us good color separation between our text. 

Right Click on the TWITCH layer and select Blending Options and use the settings below. 

Inner Shadow – 

Blend Mode – Overlay – Color – White
Distance – 5, Choke – 0,  Size – 4 


Gradient Overlay – 

Blending Mode – Normal

Select the Gradient color strip and enter in the first color value #a3a3a3 and #ffffff for the second color value.

Click Ok and this is what your text should look like after applying all those effects 🙂 

 I added another text layer “Like and Subscribe” and placed it in the Text Layer Group.  

Step 4. Adding a Youtube Logo and a Subscribe Logo


Head on over to Google Images and search for a Youtube Logo. Once you’ve found one, we need to “desaturate” the logo. All we’re doing is knocking off the color. 

With the logo layer selected, press Shift + Command (ctrl) + U or go to the image menu, then to adjustments and at the bottom you’ll see “desaturate”.  

Your Logo should look like this. 

Change the blending mode of the logo layer to “Divide” and now it should look something like the image below.

I forgot to mention that I added the Subscribe Button to the design.  

This button sits directly above the background layer. 

I changed the Blending mode of the Subscribe button to “difference” and added a white outer glow.

Because the button sits above the background layer and below the Gradient Map and Brightness / Contrast Adjustment layer, this is the effect we achieve. 



Step 5. Color Grading

To Soften up the image I added a Curves Adjustment layer right at the top of the layers panel so the adjustment affects the entire image. 

I reduced the opacity of the Adjustment layer to 70%


A subtle difference but very powerful.

I bet you’ll like this final step. 

As a Bonus we will add one final adjustment layer – HUE/SATURATION ADJUSTMENT. This will allow you to achieve different colors using only the HUE SLIDER. 
Move the HUE Slider from LEFT TO RIGHT to change the overall color. Pretty Cool! 

Voila, we have just completed designing an awesome Youtube Thumbnail Template in Fortnite Style. 

I’m so happy you followed along with me in creating this Fortnite Style Youtube Thumbnail Template. As always, you’ll be able to download the PSD file in case you lose your way during this tutorial.

Thanks & don’t forget to Share & Leave a Comment. 

Download the PSD

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