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Those Forgotten Photoshop Files

Premade Pixels is the first design company to take and restore your old, used or unused photoshop designs in exchange for cash or clout. Gather those photoshop files and send them to us.
Let’s face it, would you rather have your templates sit on your hard disk or would you rather let us buy them from you? 

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Reviews are usually completed in 24hrs. Make sure to look out for an email from us.

We are looking for reasonably good templates with decent design aesthetics eg: Layout, Typography, color etc. If your template meets those requirements, there’s a good chance it will be accepted by the review team and that means you’ll get paid. 

Yes, once APPROVED and PAID FOR, the template is copyrighted by Premade Pixels. You will not be allowed to use the template for commercial use. 

You’ll get paid via PayPal or Google Pay.

Interested in joining the design team? Send us your portfolio to