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$ 169 Monthly
  • Download upto 60 templates
  • Worth over $700 USD of Cover Artwork
  • Discount on Custom Covers
  • Download 2 Cover Art Templates a day

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$ 275 Yearly
  • Download 365 templates
  • Worth $8000 USD of Cover Artwork
  • Discounts on Plan Renewal
  • Discounts on Custom Covers
  • Download 1 Cover Art Template a day

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Bulk Cover Purchases
  • 20+ Covers minumum order
  • Tailor-Made plan that suits your needs
  • Select the covers you want
  • Discounts on Custom Covers
  • Discounts on Memberships (Monthly & Yearly)
  • Covers delivered immediately

What Real Producers Say!!!

Our customers and clients have had a lot of success with our design services and template downloads.
We’d like you to have the same opportunity.
Premadepixels templates are just superb, top-quality, the yearly membership is worth every penny, highly recommended 🙂
I had cover art made by Sherman. He was quick and communicative. The art turned out great and the turnaround time was fantastic.
It was a real pleasure working with Sherman! His artwork is absolutely fantastic and he was super responsive and accommodating when it came to questions about our project.
Sherman designs fantastic cover artwork. He put a lot of effort into this particular design and it turned out incredible.
Sherman is one of the most talented graphic artists we know. He works quickly and reliably and is also a very nice guy. Highly recommended!
Working with was an extremely great experience. The artists and the available knowledge was able to render me a piece of work that I was extremely happy with. I would easily use again for any future work that I want to start a project with.
I just love the quality and variety of covers - so worth getting the yearly subscription.

Affordable awesome designs to choose from

A Cover for Every Song
A Thumbnail for Every Video

Music Producers & DJ's

If you're always making music, our album covers and YouTube thumbnails can be the perfect final touch.

Singers & Songwriters

Every time you share your EP or Album with the public, you'll be greeted with an album cover or a thumbnail on YouTube. We make things easy for you so you can focus on what you truly like.

Content Creators & Graphic Designers

You have a lot of clients or a youtuber who's got a lot of videos to make, it's no joke. We understand. When you're overworked, coming up with new ideas can be difficult. A Membership can be your friend. With a Memership, you'll be able to do what you love and when you're done, our awesome templates will be waiting.

Record Labels

For your Record Label, our Album Cover Art is ideal. With the influx of Artists and Creatives rushing through your doors, our memberships are exactly what you'll need, with low prices and a huge selection of designs to choose from.