We Transform your used or unused Photoshop Templates

As designers ourselves, we know how much space photoshop templates can take up, especially if we don’t need those photoshop templates/files anymore. Why let it sit on your computer when you can earn some revenue by letting us sell it for you. You’ll get commission from every sale. 

Before & After Transformation.

What We're Looking For

Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Business Cards, Signage, Social Media Graphics & Invitations & anything that can be printed. We’re cool as long as it looks cool.
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Feature on our Website

No website will promote you while paying you at the same time. If 10 or more templates are accepted in to our library, you’ll not only earn revenue from sales made but you’ll get featured on the website too. That’s quite a big deal. 

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The Takeaway

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Reviews & Approvals

Your designs will be reviewed before we publish them on our website. High Quality designs will ensure a successful review.

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Get Discounts

Sell your unused templates and get commission from sales made. Put those Photoshop Templates to work.

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Global Exposure

If your designs get over 10 sales, you'll be featured on our website and the world will get to know you. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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Coupons & Codes

Get exclusive coupon codes through our email newsletters and purchase templates for you projects.

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Fill out the review form & Submit. It’s that simple. We’ll get back to you in 24 hrs. As long as your design is usable, you can be assured of a successful review. Our team will be in touch!
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Interested in joining the design team? Send us your portfolio to info@premadepixels.com