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We would love to hear about the ways our Album Cover Art templates have benefited you and your business. We are proud to say that our album cover art templates have helped our buyers & clients to effectively showcase their music by creating visually striking and appealing representations of their work.


That’s why we’re asking for your help in creating a 30-second video testimonial. In the video, you can talk about the variety, quality, & how our templates have saved you time.


Don’t worry if you’re not a professional videographer – 

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The best part is, as a token of our appreciation, we’re offering a reward for your participation! If you submit a video testimonial, you’ll get to choose between a free Exclusive Album Cover Template worth $75 from our website or $50 off on a Monthly Membership / Membership Renewal


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Real Reviews!

Our customers and clients have had a lot of success with our design services and template downloads.
We’d like you to have the same opportunity.
I had cover art made by Sherman. He was quick and communicative. The art turned out great and the turnaround time was fantastic.
It was a real pleasure working with Sherman! His artwork is absolutely fantastic and he was super responsive and accommodating when it came to questions about our project.
Sherman designs fantastic cover artwork. He put a lot of effort into this particular design and it turned out incredible.
Sherman is one of the most talented graphic artists we know. He works quickly and reliably and is also a very nice guy. Highly recommended!
Sherman is a great talent to work with! He is very creative, always comes up with new ideas and provides all deliverables on time. He is a very trusted partner and we appreciate the opportunity to work together on many creative projects.
I just love the quality and variety of covers - so worth getting the yearly subscription.